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Queen’s Brian May Calls Sacha Baron Cohen ‘an Arse’ in a Very British Dispute Over That Freddie Mercury Biopic

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Brian May.

Back in March, Sacha Baron Cohen talked to Howard Stern about why he left that Freddie Mercury biopic he was going to do a while back. According Cohen, the band wanted a more PG-rated film that would end with the band members coming together after Mercury’s death, while the actor wanted a darker feature focused solely on Mercury. Now, Brian May, the lead guitarist Queen who was working with Cohen on the project, has lashed back at Cohen. “Sacha became an arse,” he said. “We had some nice times with Sacha kicking around ideas, but he went off and told untruths about what happened.” In response to claims that band wanted to clean up the story, May said the band had no interest in cleaning up the story. While we’ll never see Cohen’s take on the project, the film is still going forward with the support of May and Roger Taylor. May added that the band is hoping to put Ben Whishaw in the title role. “He’s fabulous,” May said, “a real actor.” The (English Breakfast) tea has been spilled.

May Criticizes Baron Cohen on Mercury Biopic