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Melissa McCarthy Is Just As Happy As You Are That She’s in the Gilmore Girls Revival

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Melissa McCarthy. Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Catching up with Melissa McCarthy at the Time 100 gala, Us Weekly asked the Hollywood star how it felt to return to Gilmore Girls after all these years away. As you might have expected, it felt really great! “I went back and visited about two weeks ago and saw the sets again and everybody on them and it just felt — oh, my God, I get so sentimental,” McCarthy told the mag. “It felt like the greatest idea in the world. It was just lovely. It was just lovely.” McCarthy originally didn’t have room in her schedule for the revival, and so her return must have felt especially sweet — like, say, the way a mother and daughter might feel while reconciling a fight about one of them dropping out of Yale.

Melissa McCarthy Happy About New Gilmore Girls