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The Men of Civil War Answer Trivia About Each Other, Which You’d Think They’d Be Better at After Holding Each Other As They Faux Die

How many times do you think Chris Evans has accidentally started choking on that tiny Paul Rudd Ant-Man figurine? He doesn’t even realize he has it out of the box. He’s fiddling around with it on set. It’s so tiny. Next thing you know, Anthony Mackie is delivering a series of quick jolts to Chris Evans’s solar plexus and they have to halt shooting again. That’s the kind of trivia Jimmy Kimmel should have asked the male cast members of Captain America: Civil War last night, not their ancestors’ last names before they arrived at Ellis Island. (By the way: 12 times. The answer to my first question is “at least 12 times.” And that’s probably only the number of times Chris Evans will publicly admit to. For all we know, he’s always in his dressing room, gagging and chewing on that little Ant-Man during his downtime.)

The Men of Civil War Answer Each Other’s Trivia