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Lean in Close and Meryl Streep Will Tell You About the Role She Didn’t Get Quite Right

Do you hear the sound whispering the wind, a fundamental imbalance creeping into the universe? Meryl Streep has a performance she’s not totally proud of. Yes, really truly, it is possible that Meryl has her regrets. She’ll even tell you about them, if, like Graham Norton, you ask nicely. Okay, it was The French Lieutenant’s Woman. But it was all part of the artifice, of course. Meryl has an excuse. The best painters leave a few blemishes in the masterwork — a reminder that we are human, after all. The whispering falls silent. Order is restored.

Oh, and you can also watch Meryl poke fun at Hugh Grant in the clip below. That’s always a good time.

Meryl Streep on the Role She Didn’t Get Right