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Mindy Kaling Shares a Stephen Colbert Blooper on Late Night So Cute It Will Reduce You to a Decrepit Bag of Bones

Give us this day our daily bloops. Let us watch bloops and be glad. Mindy Kaling brought a lovely blooper from Stephen Colbert’s Mindy Project appearance with her to Late Night last night and it is truly the bread of life. Just a giggling beard, that man. Colbert responded with a similarly winsome Kaling blooper, and that’s the moment they fell in love. No, but they did film a meet-cute. In the interest of fairness, Stephen also filmed a meet-cute with his other guest Ken Burns and Tituss Burgess, in which Tituss Burgess’s decision to nibble coquettishly on a mini pretzel is a choice more elegant and deliberate than any decision you’ve consciously made in your life.

Mindy Kaling Shares Stephen Colbert Bloopers