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Mr. Robot Has a Teaser and a Premiere Date, or Maybe Elliot Is Just Imagining Things Again

Mr. Robot- Season 1
Photo: David Giesbrecht/USA Network

Hello, friend. It’s been a while. Society is still a wretched cesspool of nihilistic consumerism, where we live in tiny, hermetic bubbles we call “social media” as warfare and genocide is committed in our names. But you know what? At least the second season of Mr. Robot is going to premiere again on July 13 on USA, for a 10-episode run. Then, maybe you’ll be able to get some relief — if not some sleep. The usual people are all going to be there, but there will be some new faces too: Joey Bada$$ as Elliot’s new friend Leon and Grace Gummer as an FBI agent. Or maybe it’s all just in your head.

Mr. Robot Has a S2 Teaser and a Premiere Date