MTV Plays a ‘Fresh Prince’ Video During Its Prince Tribute, Quickly Receives Helpful Tweets That Point This Out

In honor of the legendary Purple One, MTV exchanged its regular Thursday programming for an all-day, all-Prince music-video marathon. But unfortunately, as Deadspin points out, Will Smith’s “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble” video found its way on the air in between “New Power Generation” and “Controversy.” If you’re thinking to yourself, Nope, that’s not the right Prince, you would’ve been one of many also thinking that at around 5:55 p.m. EST (see below).

MTV hasn’t addressed the Fresh PrincePrince mix-up yet, but that’s likely all it was. The channel, along with VH1, has plans to continue playing blocks of the music icon’s most influential videos and Purple Rain:

Prince was found dead of unknown causes earlier Thursday at his Paisley Park estate. The Carver County Sheriff’s Office, in Minnesota, told media afterward that it was investigating the situation, and that a local medical examiner would conduct an autopsy.

MTV Plays ‘Fresh Prince’ During Prince Tribute