MTV Is Rebooting Unplugged, Making It Harder for You to Complain That MTV Doesn’t Do Music Anymore

TV sorta brings back the radio star.

MTV, which the teens know as a random assemblage of letters, is getting back into the music television business. New network president Sean Atkins announced today that the network is pivoting back toward new shows focused on “music and youth culture.” Among them, a reboot of MTV Unplugged, which launched in the 1980s and showcased artists performing acoustic covers of their work — just think of all the opportunities to get those pop stars plunking guitar strings. MTV also announced Wonderland, a live-music performance series (its first in nearly 20 years) co-developed with Comedy Central, that will feature comedians and musicians performing together. It’s a “multi-streamed viewing experience,” which is a better description of Niagara Falls than a TV show.

MTV Is Rebooting Unplugged