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The New BFG Trailer Is a Reminder of How Much Fun It Was to Be Absolutely Terrified As a Child

The world is more giant than you can imagine. Watch the brand new trailer for Disney's The BFG and see the movie in theaters July 1st!

Posted by Walt Disney Studios on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

From Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (did Willy Wonka commission that crazy gondola cave or what?) to The Little Princess (her dad is dead, then he’s alive but doesn’t know who she is?!) to Toy Story 3 (you know the scene, we don’t have to go into it), there’s a long, storied history of genuinely unnerving children’s movies. Based on the new trailer for Disney’s The BFG, Steven Spielberg really seems to be nailing the fear and excitement inherent in getting kidnapped by a potentially cannibalistic giant. As an added bonus, Spielberg offers his behind-the-scenes take on the film’s combination of enchantment and fright, all the while sounding like your sweet dad checking under your bed when you are 1,000 percent sure there are a ton of gremlins under there.

Steven Spielberg is live from Amblin Entertainment and he has a very special announcement! #GiantsAreComing

Posted by Walt Disney Studios on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Following the mixed reaction the movie received after premiering in Cannes, a new trailer dropped, further emphasizing the dichotomy between the big, mean, bean-eating giants and the BFG.

New The BFG Trailer: Bigger, Friendlier, Gianter