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Nick Offerman Has Faith in Millennials

Meet Thomas. Thomas is smart, charismatic, and went to Harvard. Thomas stumbled upon Nick Offerman’s woodshop three years ago and wanted to volunteer his labor. Thomas, despite his massive wealth and having the resources to, well, not need to work in a woodshop, quickly stood out as being the most exemplary employee, and continues to work there today. The moral of the story? As Offerman told the audience at WORD in Jersey City during the first stop on his book tour last week: “It’s part of the shitty media message selling us the idea that everyone’s just sitting at home, playing shit on their phone. It perhaps makes more people do that, I don’t know. What they’re not reporting is that it causes depression, and that’s really lonely. It’s much more fruitful to talk to people, and read books, and make things with your hands.” Or, get off your damn devices, and learn how to properly hang a door.