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North West Was So Displeased With Kanye’s Original TLOP Raps, She Flushed His iPhone Down the Toilet

Kanye’s technological woes have been well-documented: The man didn’t even own a phone until this decade, his cousin once stole his laptop and blackmailed him to get it back, and then there’s his daughter North West raising hell. The notorious 2-year-old thief famously spent a ton of money in an app on daddy’s iPad, allegedly Instagrammed a Kim Kardashian thirst trap from Mommy’s phone, and now we have her latest shenanigan. For Khloé Kardashian’s final Kocktails with Khloé episode, she snagged Kim, Kanye, Chrissy Teigen, and John Legend to chat about their famous marital bliss. And in a preview, we learn that before Kanye resorted to scribbling his album track-list on a notepad, he once wrote all the lyrics to The Life of Pablo on his iPhone like the savvy millennial he thinks he is.

That is, until future rap prodigy North got hold of the iPhone, scrolled through the lyrics (oh c’mon, like she can’t already read), scoffed at such elementary bars, and flushed the phone down the toilet. “No Apple genius was genius enough [to fix it],” Kanye says of his phone’s fate. Were those lyrics better than musings on bleached anuses? Only North has the answers. But you know what they say: “Listen to the kids, bro!”

North West Flushed Kanye’s Original TLOP Raps