my brother's keeper

Obama and His Homies Nicki Minaj and Ludacris Roll Out to Reform the Justice System

President Obama host the Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House
Photo: Pool/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Pusha T, Rick Ross, Chance the Rapper, Alicia Keys, J. Cole, and other famous rappers sat down with Obama and some of his advisers to discuss criminal justice reform and the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, the AP reports.  “Just leaving the White House … I never got to go on my elementary school field trip there,” Pusha T tweeted Friday. “Thanx for the invite @POTUS.” Minaj has been outspoken about her support for Obama’s criminal justice initiative, saying it’s close to her heart:

Obama’s anaconda don’t want none unless you reform the justice system, hun.

Obama, Nicki Minaj Reforming Justice System