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The Omen Is Getting a Prequel, Only 40 Years Later

Awwwww. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Wanna feel old? Of course you don’t — no one does. But too bad! The original version of The Omen came out 40 years ago, in 1976, and now a prequel is in the works. What’s more, the kid who played Damien, the 5-year-old Antichrist, is now like 45-ish and, according to his IMDb, is a property developer in Kent, England! Antonio Campos (Christine) is in negotiations to direct The First Omen, written by Ben Jacoby. Though the original led to remakes, sequels, and a series of novels, this will be the film’s first prequel. May there be 666 more.

The Omen Is Getting a Prequel