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The Original Star Wars Trilogy to Screen in Theaters, a Nice Break From Bull’s-eyeing Womp Rats All Summer

Photo: Lucasfilm

You felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in delight and were suddenly silenced, by an usher, because it’s extremely rude to keep talking non-stop in a movie like that. The original Star Wars trio, or at least the 1997 Special Edition versions, will get a theatrical release as a triple feature this summer as part of Alamo Drafthouse’s Return of the Trilogy. Tickets for the screenings, which will be shown in over 20 cities, will be available on (when else?) May 4. Watch or do not watch. There is no trying to watch and falling asleep halfway through. Again, that’s just very rude.

Original Star Wars Trilogy to Screen in Theaters