Paul Walker’s Daughter Received $10M Settlement From Driver in Fatal Crash

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Paul Walker. Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/2013 Getty Images

Paul Walker’s 16-year-old daughter Meadow received a $10 million settlement from the estate of Roger Rodas, the man who was behind the wheel in the 2013 car crash that killed the Fast and Furious star, TMZ reports. The settlement, which was made in 2014, holds Walker’s friend and financial adviser partly responsible for the crash, though Meadow’s attorney notes that he was “not directing the car through any particularly unsafe maneuvers when it went out of control.” Both Walker and Rodas’s families have sued Porsche over the accident, saying the Carrera GT Rodas was driving lacked crucial safety features that could have prevented both men’s deaths. Rodas’s widow’s lawsuit was dismissed earlier this week, while Meadow and Walker’s father’s suits are still active. Porsche claims the car was “misused and improperly maintained,” and says Walker’s death was his “own comparative fault.”

Paul Walker’s Daughter Got $10M Settlement