Prince Has the No. 1 Song and Album on iTunes Today

Prince in Concert
Photo: Ross Marino/Sygma/Corbis

Just 45 minutes after news broke that Prince died on Thursday, he reached No. 1 on iTunes in the album and song categories. “Purple Rain” is currently the No. 1 song on iTunes, with “Little Red Corvette” at No. 2, “When Doves Cry” at No. 3, “Let’s Go Crazy” at No. 5, and “I Would Die 4 U” at No. 10. His greatest hits album The Very Best of Prince is No. 1 on iTunes. That’s just one of the many ways Prince is taking over iTunes. As of this writing, the soundtrack to Purple Rain, The Hits/The B-sides, and 1999 place second, third, and fourth on the top albums, with Sign O’ the Times at No. 6. The video for “Black Sweat” is No. 2 in the music video category. The film Purple Rain is at No. 17 on the movies chart. Everyone in the world is probably playing Prince on their iTunes right now: blasting it in the office, listening to it on the subway, or having a goofy dance party in their rooms. It’s a testament to how much his music moved people.

Prince Is No. 1 on iTunes Today