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Prince’s Former Butler Shares a Hilarious Story About the Singer’s Insane Breakfast Obsession

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Pancakes, anyone? Photo: Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Everything you think you know about Prince’s love for breakfast foods pales in comparison to the incredible truth — the man was obsessed. Thanks to Dave Chappelle we’re already aware he enjoyed serving his basketball victories with a side of pancakes, but did you know that he also hosted elaborate breakfast parties in the dead of night? Please allow his former butler to explain: A man who claims to have served Prince at the Rio All-Suite and Casino in Las Vegas from November 2006 to April 2007, during Prince’s residency at Club 3121, hosted a Reddit IamA Thursday night spilling all his tea. Most of his stories involve waiting on coked-up rich people (also Prince loved pizza, Pinot grigio, dressing well, and tall women, duh), but then there’s this gem:

I have a lot of great memories but the one that made me laugh was there was one night where I got a call at about 3 am in the morning and he wanted breakfast for 14 people. I was the only butler on duty during that graveyard shift. He asked for 14 omelets and 14 orders of pancakes. I called everyone in the casino and had all the cooks running to make this order while I made the table. I had to serve the whole breakfast at now 4am in the morning by myself. I came up with the two carts full of food trying to plate it as fast as I can when Prince stood up from his chair and walked over to my cart. He grabbed a plate of pancakes and started helping me serve. I couldn’t help but to laugh from the Charlie Murphy story on the Dave Chappelle show. This was my favorite moment … ever.

Sadly, he says Prince didn’t offer them grapes, too, but he does add this fabulous detail: “Chaka Khan was there and she wanted avocado with her omelet … I had to run my ass off down to the kitchen and slice one up.”

And of course, our chatty butler (who no longer works at the Rio, so it’s fine) has a couple shady Prince anecdotes to dig up:

I remember after he won his Golden Globe for Happy Feet [the award] was in his room but in an odd place. I was in the room with my manager and I looked at it and said wow, I am actually looking at a Golden Globe, my manager laughed and asked me if I could guess why it was in an odd place on an oak table in the room. I didn’t know so he lifted it up and there was a burn mark from a candle which Prince caused one night. He was using the Golden Globe to cover up room damage, which is hilarious … He also broke a wine glass one night and kicked it under a rug in the living room. Housekeeping noticed when they heard the crunching sound the next morning.”

Ah, Prince, a nightmare hotel guest just like the rest of us.

Prince’s Butler Shares Hilarious Breakfast Story