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Star Wars Fanboys Prince William and Prince Harry Geeked Out on a Set Visit

Now for the epic saga of a family given undue importance for reasons that are vaguely mystical but not totally clear, and we don’t just mean the royal family. Princes William and Harry visited the Star Wars set at Pinewood Studios today, ostensibly to celebrate British creative talent or something, but mostly to goof around with cool space stuff. Chuckles were had, chortles too, and likely a few giggles as well.

Prince Harry: “Hell, yeah, give me the lightsaber of the guy who turns on his whole family.”
Adviser: “Um, your royal highness?”
Harry: “Too late!” 

Should Kate be worried about BB-8?

Yes, Kate should definitely be worried about BB-8.

Just like the severed heads mum has at home!

Harry, 10 hours later: “I met Lupita Nyong’o today. It was aces, though she was more plastic than I expected.”

This is awkward. Chewbacca was just in the middle of a lecture on the failures of monarchy.

William: “That island you were on, wanna rock paper scissors for it?”

Prince Harry for young Han Solo.

Prince Harry for all the roles.

Princes William and Harry Visit Star Wars Set