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Ray Romano Has a Cold (But It’s Actually Just His British Accent)

As you might expect, Ray Romano doesn’t have the most spot-on British accent. Maybe it’s the slight nasal quality of his voice. Maybe it’s the Queens upbringing. Anyway, sometimes bad is good, and in this case, Romano’s bad British accent was a ready source of entertainment for the writers of Everybody Loves Raymond. Having writer’s block? Just have Ray say, “Hallo guvnuh. Fancy a cup o’ tea?” At least that is what James Corden makes Romano do, because he is a sadistic man. This all devolves into some terrible accents before Gary Oldman rights the ship with his roulette-wheel of impressions of Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, and Robert DeNiro. This is probably why the British are taking all of our jobs!

Ray Romano’s Bad British Accent Is Delightful