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Richard Madden’s Supertight Cinderella Pants Nearly Made Him Throw Up, But They Did So Much Good in the World, It’s Fine

You can’t say Richard Madden never did anything for the sake of his art, especially after the terrible ordeal of having to wear some very tight pants while filming Cinderella. His co-star Lily James had to wear a corset, too, but she managed to survive through a strict regimen of Coca-Cola and burps. Also, Joan Collins has a story about how Adam West’s pants on Batman were so tight he had to take pills to keep the show kid-friendly. But mostly we are gathered here today to discuss Madden’s Prince Charming, which you can’t technically see onscreen because he was always hiding it behind something, like a plant, Lily James, or a thin film of cloth that isn’t much disguise at all.

Richard Madden Had a Bad Cinderalla Jockstrap