becky with the good hair

Sorry World, Rita Ora Says She’s Not ‘Becky With the Good Hair’

Nothing to see here.

Getting in formation with fellow Beyhive target Rachel Roy, Rita Ora —  former who? and current who does she think she is? —  swears she’s not the “Becky With the Good Hair” whom Beyoncé’s referring to on “Sorry.” Sure, she may have Snapchatted herself wearing a lemonade bikini and a “J” necklace (remember when only the hottest chick in the game got to wear Jay’s chain?), then wore an outfit similar to Beyoncé’s “Formation” dress days after Lemonade dropped, and is currently suing her label, Jay Z’s Roc Nation (which sued her back). But that doesn’t make her the dusty side chick destroying Bey and Hov’s marriage — or so she says. She finally addressed the rumors on Tuesday, tweeting her innocence:

Way ahead of you, girl.

Rita Ora Says She’s Not ‘Becky,’ Okay?