Sarah Silverman Stars As a Time-Traveling Betsy Ross in Dan Harmon’s Great Minds, Offers to Sew Ted Cruz a Likability Mask

In the latest installment of the History Channel series Great Minds With Dan Harmon, Sarah Silverman plays a time-traveling Betsy Ross who lands in the modern era, and it should probably go without saying that she is a huge Bernie Sanders fan. Ross even made Bernie a fun new flag, which is kind of her thing. It would have been weird if she didn’t make him a flag. What we’d really like to see her try her hand at, though, is the face-concealing cloth mask she offers to sew for Ted Cruz — hemming the eye holes, darning the nostril pits, and so forth.

Watch the full episode, which airs tonight at 11:30 p.m. EST on the History Channel, right here:

Sarah Silverman Is a Time-Traveling Betsy Ross