Sarah Silverman Meets Michael Sheen in JASH’s New Short ‘You Can Never Really Know Someone’

Recently JASH teamed up with go90 and Band of Robbers’ Aaron and Adam Nee to produce a new short film starring Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen, and the result – titled You Can Never Really Know Someone – is partly charming but mostly disturbing. The short follows a day in the life of Gretchen, “a troubled woman on a quest for love, and the adventures she embarks on throughout her journey. As she tries to audition for an acting role, meets a new animal companion and accidentally crashes a male-only Bible study group, Gretchen grapples with the reality of discovering love in odd places.” Sheen plays the leader of the Bible study group who falls for Silverman after their chance meeting, but as the title of the short suggests, Gretchen isn’t exactly who she says she is. Check out the short above.

Sarah Silverman Meets Michael Sheen in JASH’s New […]