Sarah Silverman Plays Bernie Sanders Supporter Betsy Ross on Dan Harmon’s ‘Great Minds’

Here’s the latest episode of Dan Harmon’s History channel series Great Minds, where he and Spencer manage to bring back another female historical figure in the form of Betsy Ross (Sarah Silverman), who shows Harmon some alternate American flag designs she pitched and reacts to some of this year’s presidential candidates (on Ted Cruz: “Yikes! He’s got one of the rare vagina noses!”). Ross discovers that she’s a fan of Bernie Sanders, but after she attempts to shoot a campaign ad for him, she starts getting a little depressed that all she has to offer historically is her famous flag, and Harmon attempts to cheer her up with some wise words: “We came up with a saying about a month and a half to three months ago that I always hated but now I think I finally get it: You do you.”

Sarah Silverman Plays Bernie Sanders Supporter Betsy […]