Watch Chris Hemsworth Talk Civil War While Performing Regular Physical Feats; Just Some Casual One-Armed Pull-ups, Nothing Suspect Here, Folks

You know how there’s an overwhelming glut of superhero movies, but at least you can hold on to their appeal at its most pure: watching preternatural beings do stuff that normal humans can’t? Yeah, well, here’s Chris Hemsworth to shatter that for you. In an Instagram video, Hemsworth takes umbrage with Captain America: Civil War for forgetting to invite Thor, although as so weird that you didn’t get my text cop-outs go, an intergalactic communication mishap reads plausible. Hemsworth doesn’t even pause his workout (or, as he knows it, physical stasis) to lodge his complaint, casually chatting while repeatedly hoisting the weight of his brick-house body. At least, this is what we think happens; it’s hard to hear the video over that incessant humming sound.

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