Come for This Cute Video of Kanye Doing Push-ups With North West on His Back, Stay to Critique His Terrible Form

It’s a fundamental rule of the internet: Every time someone posts a video of themselves doing push-ups online, everyone must immediately disregard whatever point they were trying to make and instead loudly critique their form. For instance, take this video of Kanye West doing some push-ups with North West riding on his back. Ignore her adorable squeals of joy — what’s really important are the many ways he’s doing push-ups all wrong. First of all, Kanye needs to keep his back straight. Second, he should keep his elbows tucked in toward his side. Also, he’s going to need to go down until his arms are making a 90-degree angle. Only then can he be as buff as me, a random guy on the internet.

See Kanye’s Cute Dad Push-ups With North West