Seth Meyers to Guest on The Mindy Project As a Different Character, Which Seems Ripe for an Evil-Twin Scenario

Evil twin, long-lost twin, coma, cyborg, cyborg clone — the possibilities behind why Seth Meyers might exist in the same universe as two different people are endless. According to TVLine, Seth Meyers will cameo in the Season Four midseason premiere of The Mindy Project as himself, despite having made a guest appearance as Matt, one of Mindy’s many, many, many suitors in the show’s first season. Meyers and Kaling will meet again for the first time as part of “a really funny workplace story,” which sadly probably does not involve Seth Meyers’s first-season character getting pulled out of the ocean in a fishing net with total amnesia, forcing him to reinvent his life as a successful talk-show host, which is a real goddamn shame.

Seth Meyers to Guest On The Mindy Project Again