Elizabeth Banks Will Direct Sony’s Charlie’s Angels, Become the New McG Just As You Foretold

Vanity Fair And Stuart Weitzman Luncheon To Celebrate Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks. Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images

 Wow, you called it. You always knew Elizabeth Banks would be the new McG. Your friends would always say, “Why do you keep saying that? We weren’t discussing either of them.” Or “Who? We’re 8 years old. We have no idea what you’re talking about.” Or “Please, sir. I beg of you. Leave me alone. I’m trying to drive the bus,” but you didn’t let them silence you. According to Entertainment Weekly, Sony confirmed a Banks–directed Charlie’s Angels reboot at CinemaCon206 this week, in addition to Trainspotting 2, their upcoming emoji movie, and MIB 23, the studio’s 23 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover film, which is real. If there is ever a We Are Marshall or Terminator Salvation reboot and the studios don’t hire Elizabeth Banks, your friends will never hear the end of it. They almost certainly won’t, but oh boy, but if they do.

Sony Confirms Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels