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Sophie Turner Fuels Jon Snow Speculation With a Questioning Cake; So Is She Going to Eat That or What?

Photo: Sophie Turner/Instagram

Here are some ways that people have tried to figure out whether Jon Snow on Game of Thrones is really and truly dead, axed, kaput: looking at primary-source evidence, trying to outfox Kit Harrington, trying to outfox Kit Harrington’s castmates, badgering HBO, rampant speculation. The latest tactic: Put it on a cake. Sophie Turner posted a picture of a cake on Instagram, not your regular foodie photo but a picture of a talking cake, one that demands answers, one that asks, “Is Jon Snow dead?” Turner’s caption reads, “Bribery,” but instead of shelling out, the post just raises more questions. Is the cake a chocolate cake or are there other flavors hidden in the cake? Why is all of that fruit crap blocking our full view of the cake? Wouldn’t it be rad if Jon Snow popped out of the cake like Debbie Reynolds à la Singin’ in the Rain? Oh man, what if the cake is Jon Snow? Is Sophie Turner Atreus? Are we Theystes? Is Jon Snow our son? By eating the cake, do we ensure our doom? Can we please eat that cake now?

Sophie Turner Fuels Jon Snow Fire With Cake