The Spider-Man Movie Finally Got a Title; It Will Take You Back to High School Because That’s the Point


Tom Holland’s first web-slinging solo act will be known as Spider-Man: Homecoming. Sony’s Tom Rothman revealed the name with the young actor on Tuesday, as a last hurrah during the studio’s CinemaCon event. The title is “obviously a high school reference and shows Peter Parker’s enduring conflict — saving the world and getting your homework done,” Rothman said, according to Indiewire. “Peter [Parker] is trying to find his way home,” Holland added. The Jon Watts–helmed movie, which also features Marisa Tomei and Zendaya, unspools July 7, 2017, one year after new Spidey meets MCU fans in Captain America: Civil War. Scope out the official logo below, and pray Peter gets a solid boutonnière for his impending troubles:

The Spider-Man Movie Now Has a Title