Stevie Wonder on Prince: ‘It’s a Heartbreak to Lose a Member of That Army of Love’

In 1999, Prince told Larry King that Stevie Wonder was one of his earliest influences, especially “for the way that he crafted music and his connection to the spirit.” Last night, almost two decades later, Wonder joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper to have a similar conversation, but under sadder circumstances. “I know that the almighty God has far greater things for him to do eternally, so I just hope that we celebrate his music and celebrate his purpose that he fulfilled,” Wonder said, reflecting on the loss of the late music icon.

The two also used the seven-minute interview to discuss Prince’s multi-instrumental and genre-bending talents, as well as his ability to unite people. “It’s a heartbreak to lose a member of that army of love,” Wonder added. “It’s rare for me that I can feel, with every single breath, how he just passionately loved music.” Catch all of Wonder’s words below:

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