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Rory Gilmore Isn’t a Regular Teacher, She’s a Cool Teacher, in the Gilmore Girls Revival

Gilmore Girls
Photo: Patrick Ecclesine/Getty Images

As the thirst for Gilmore Girls knowledge is reaching an all-time high we miss you, Sookie  the current issue of Entertainment Weekly gives us the first real look at the show’s upcoming revival on Netflix. We’re teased with some pretty enticing droplets of intel (Luke and Lorelai’s relationship status, anyone?), which include the fact that, yes, Ms. Rory Gilmore is living her post-grad life as a floral-dress-rockin’ teacher. Behold:

Photo: Neil Jacobs/Netflix/via Entertainment Weekly

Specific professorial plot points are being kept under wraps, so start speculating as to what subject (English) she may be teaching (it’s definitely English) at the school (seriously, it says “Jane Eyre” on the chalkboard).

Surprise! Rory Gilmore Is a Teacher Now