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Susan Sarandon on Her Breakup With Hillary Clinton and Whether She’d Actually Vote for Donald Trump

Susan Sarandon is your mom’s smart, sexy, kind of kooky, vaguely Marxist friend who always wants to sit you down over some pizza at her ping-pong restaurant to talk about the election. And that’s basically what happens in her sit-down on The Late Show where she explains a very cozy-looking photo of herself and Hillary Clinton. “Look how happy we were!” Sarandon says when Stephen Colbert shows her a photo of the pair from bygone times. “And then I had to break up with her.” Why? Betrayal! There was Iraq, fracking, Monsanto. But as with all breakups, there is redemption, and for Sarandon that comes with Bernie Sanders, who she is practically beatific about.

Colbert also brought up the fact that Sarandon suggested that the world might be better off with a Trump presidency. (Historical materialism, blah blah blah.) Well, would she actually vote for Trump if the general election comes down to him and Clinton? “Oh, I mean, who’s going to vote for Trump? Seriously!” (She still doesn’t say that she would vote for Clinton, though!)

Sarandon on Breaking Up With Hillary Clinton