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David Tennant and Stephen Colbert Play ‘Dr. Who’s On First,’ Which Is Maybe Only Funny If You Know ‘Doctor Who’ Isn’t the Character’s Name

David Tennant is currently playing Richard II in a cycle of Shakespeare history plays at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and on Wednesday night, he stopped by Stephen Colbert’s show to tell him all about it. But before he could, he had to take part in a very silly “Who’s On First” spoof with late night’s most verbally gifted host, one that wrapped in Doctor Who, Doctor Strange, and Benedict Cumberbatch (who, coincidentally, is about to play Richard III on British TV). Once that was out of the way, Tennant could take part in a more traditional late-night segment, talking up Shakespeare’s linguistic ingenuity and calling the Anti-Stratfordians “kind of snobbish.” Agreed!

Tennant and Colbert Played ‘Dr. Who’s On First’