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Julianna Margulies Doesn’t Think Women Have Time to Be Sleazeballs, Which Kills Our Pitch for The Not-So-Good Wife

Over the years, many an interviewer has asked Julianna Margulies whether The Good Wife would work if it were about a man who stood by his cheating wife. To that, she has always said, “Eh.” Women, according to Margulies, are too smart and too busy trying to balance their careers with work and children to have the time for sex scandals. Christine Baranski agrees. Matt Czurchry, aware that he’s surrounded by statement jewelry that could be repurposed into weaponry at a moment’s notice, has no comment.

Also, if you were worried about the immense levels of alcohol consumption on the show, fear not. The cast was not, in fact, drinking the entire time. They will be drinking all the time when the show ends, however, because now they have free time, and so much network TV money.

TGW Cast Debates Whether Women Can Be Sleazes