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Watch Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Perform a Dirty Rap About Leonardo DiCaprio and His Revenant Bear

(Warning: The following clip contains graphic language — also, lots of bears.)

In honor of Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, Central Intelligence stars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart recounted the show’s 25-year history with a NSFW rap. The pair rhymed about such historic highlights as Ryan and Rachel’s 2005 smooch, James Franco and Seth Rogen’s 2008 smoke sesh, and Bruno and Eminem’s failed 2009 meet-cute — all to conclude that “Leo got f*cked by a bear, oh yeah, oh yeah.” There are also quite a few 2016 movie references thrown in, but all paths lead back to that one fateful Revenant scene. Roll the clip above for the full effect, and see if your memory is as good as Adam DeVine’s.

See the Rock, Kevin Hart Rap About Leo, His Bear