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Relax: Ramsay and Reek Are Buds IRL, and Here’s a Smooch to Prove It

Reek and a couple Boltons joined Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday to explain the difference between American and British fans, clarify a brand-new clip, and prove that even though their characters don’t get along on the show, Alfie Allen and Iwan Rheon do IRL. “People are sort of like, Oh, I can’t believe you two are friends,” the latter says above. “Then I just sort of politely point out, Do you also believe in dragons?” To really reinforce their camaraderie, the two then kiss and make up. The smooch’s intensity registers more Lil Wayne–Birdman than Adam McKay–Christian Bale, but it still has the power to make you feel at least a little better about all that torturing.

Watch Ramsay and Reek Kiss and Make Up