There’s a Three’s Company Movie in the Works, Because When It Comes to Rebooting Stuff, Hollywood Agrees That More Is More

Photo: Dennis Plehn/ABC/Getty Images

Time to fire up your door-knocking knuckles: Three’s Company is probably getting a reboot movie. The classic sitcom is a bit of a curious choice for a reboot (but then again, it’s hard to believe in sacred things these days), as its plot hinged on the passé premise of a man who pretended to be gay in order to live with two single women. Because that’s a concept that makes minimal, sub-sitcom sense in 2016, the movie will keep the show’s ‘70s setting, becoming the Three’s Company period piece you never knew you wanted and are still unsure that you do. Per The Hollywood Reporter, New Line is looking to the scribes behind He’s Just Not That Into You for a script, so get ready for a classic hero’s journey filled with a minefield of misunderstandings

There’s a Three’s Company Movie in the Works