Tilda Swinton on Doctor Strange Whitewashing: The Script Didn’t Have an Asian Character for Me to Play

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Tilda Swinton. Photo: Manny Carabel/2016 Manny Carabel

Tilda Swinton is trying to temper claims of Doctor Strange whitewashing by teasing that the movie version of her character might be different than the source material’s. With last week’s trailer, fans got their first solid glimpse of Swinton as the Ancient One, portrayed in the comics as the East Asian mentor of Strange. “The script that I was presented with did not feature an Asian man for me to play, so that was never a question when I was being asked to do it,” the actress told reporters in New York on Thursday, according to UPI. “There are very great reasons for us to feel very settled and confident with the decisions that were made.” She didn’t, and probably couldn’t, elaborate. But when THR caught up with Swinton later in the evening, at her Bigger Splash premiere, she added: “It’s not actually an Asian character — that’s what I need to tell you about it … You just have to wait [till November 4] and see.”

Tilda Swinton Addresses Strange Whitewashing