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Tom Hiddleston Does the Local Weather Forecast As Loki, Stretching the Marvel Expanded Universe Ever So Thin

Tom Hiddleston stopped by a Chicago newscast yesterday to do the weather, because it is a weird and ineffable truth that celebrities really dig doing the weather. In character as Marvel baddie Loki, Hiddleston blamed the approaching thunderstorms on brother Thor, making him far from the first person/being to blame bad weather on the wrath of a polytheistic god. Despite ostensibly promoting the biopic I Saw the Light, Hiddleston apparently didn’t see it fit to pacify Hank Williams–heads clamoring for proof of the folk legend’s meteorological talent. The segment should be worrying to those concerned about a potential Marvel overreach; Netflix series for lesser known properties like Luke Cage and Iron Fist is one thing, but a slice of a local market is stretching things a little thin.

Watch Tom Hiddleston Do the Weather As Loki