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Tom Waits Is Going to Get Into Acting Again on Hulu’s Supernatural Drama Citizen

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Tom Waits.

Tom Waits, that guy who — wait, his face looks familiar, do you know him from Seven Psychopaths? Maybe Fight ClubThe Outsiders? His massively successful music career? Anyway, Tom Waits has joined Hulu’s latest drama pilot, Citizen. The pilot, produced and directed by Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’s Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, sounds — what’s the polite term? — bananas: “Set against the backdrop of a vibrant, ‘supernaturalized’ Los Angeles, Citizen is a hero origin story, blending gritty vigilantism with elements of magical realism.” Waits will play Cesar, a priest who “runs a guerrilla humanitarian outfit” from his church in Boyle Heights and is “a walking anachronism of virtue and vice, mostly virtue.” That character description doesn’t make a ton of sense, but “walking anachronism” is a pretty cool way to describe Tom Waits.

Tom Waits Joins Hulu Drama Citizen