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Feed the Beast Teaser: AMC Brings You a Show Starring David Schwimmer, Jim Sturgess, and a Lot of Raw Meat

Hot off of defending the Juice of People v. O.J. Simpson, David Schwimmer is pivoting to a role as a chef on AMC’s upcoming Feed the Beast. Based on a Danish series known as Bankerot, Feed the Beast blends soft-core food-porn and hard-boiled crime drama. Schwimmer and Jim Strugess star as two friends who open up a Greek restaurant in the Bronx, one of whom (Strugess) is in deep with the mob. It’s written by Clyde Phillips (Dexter). Think of it as The Killing (another Danish import), but with more shots of David Schwimmer pretending to cook. Feed the Beast premieres May 31.

Bankerot - Titles for DR Fiktion from Peter Anderson Studio on Vimeo.

Watch a Teaser for AMC’s Feed the Beast