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Tulip Fever Trailer: Alicia Vikander Makes a Shocking Career Transition, Does Another Costume Drama

The movie’s called Tulip Fever, but will it make couples feel that two-lip fever? (This refers to making out, not having cold sores.) The film stages an Anna Karenina reunion for Alicia Vikander (in her first post-Oscar role, though she shot it before she won the award), Cara Delevingne, and Tom Stoppard, who wrote the script off of Deborah Moggach’s novel of the same name. Christoph Waltz is a stuffy husband, Dane DeHaan is a young painter who falls for Vikander, and Judi Dench is here too, as if you could make a costume drama without her. Tulip Fever opens in limited release on July 15.

Watch Alicia Vikander in the Tulip Fever Trailer