Azealia Banks’s New Video Pokes Fun at Her Own Legal Issues So You Don’t Have To

Have you heard Azealia Banks likes to get in trouble with the law? The last time we saw her she was giving the paparazzi hell while on her way to a court hearing for allegedly assaulting a New York City club security guard. (Never say Azealia isn’t always on-brand.) Welp, leave it to Azealia to get ahead of all the jokes and insults that must live in her Twitter mentions: Her new video for the excellent “The Big Big Beat” puts the internet’s greatest villain (who most recently became the only person on Earth to side with Piers Morgan after his Beyoncé takedown) in front of that exact courthouse for all the world to drag. Ever the troll, here comes the big bad witch devilishly dancing in the court’s face, and later, doing the same atop an NYPD cop car. Bow to your no-chill queen. (Or, er, maybe don’t; she’s really not a fan of that.)

Watch Azealia Banks’s Meta ‘Big Big Beat’ Video