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Swiss Army Man Trailer: Paul Dano Rides a Farting Daniel Radcliffe Corpse Across the Sea; Sometimes Fiction Is Indeed the Stranger Element

It’s said that the simplest stories often contain the richest truths — a pretty thought, but not one taken to heart by Swiss Army Man. In the magical-realism comedy, Paul Dano is a lonely castaway, while Radcliffe is the titular Man. More precisely, Radcliffe is a reanimated corpse, well-stocked with flatulence and bodily fluids that aid in Dano’s survival. The film’s title, you see, draws on the obvious multipurpose utility of such a figure. Mary Elizabeth Winstead also stars as Dano’s love interest, because in a situation where the two love interests available are one man who is a man and one man who is a reanimated, farting corpse, that choice makes sense. In the film’s first trailer, there are scenes from this movie, which should really be sufficient information for your decision of whether or not to proceed.

Watch Daniel Radcliffe in Swiss Army Man Trailer