Florence and the Machine Share ‘Third Eye’ Video, the Finale to Her Epic The Odyssey Film

There’s never a bad time to be blown away by Florence Welch, so here’s a little Florence and the Machine for your Monday morning. Okay, more than a little — a whole short film’s worth, actually. Today she’s released the video for “Third Eye,” which, it turns out, is also the ninth and final chapter of a larger short film she’s been working on with director Vincent Haycock called The Odyssey, set to songs from the band’s latest album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. It began last year with the car crash of “What Kind of Man” and the devastation that followed — all a metaphor for the death of her relationship, Florence says — and now her journey concludes with Florence finding a sense of solace on the stage. “Third Eye” is yet another gorgeously choreographed entry in the How Big canon, and if you’re into hearing Florence’s isolated vocals (which, hello, of course you are), stick around until the very end. You can also watch the full 47-minute film, with all the videos pieced together chronologically by chapter, over on her site in a little movie theater.

Watch Florence and the Machine’s New Short Film