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Kelly Clarkson Did a Career-Spanning Medley on the American Idol Finale, Including That Song

Some people would wait a lifetime for a moment to hear Kelly Clarkson sing her winning song on the show where it all began. Thankfully, we only had to wait 14 years. As promised, Kelly returned to American Idol for its grand finale and you betcha she brought all her hits (including her next one: that baby!). We’re talking all the smashes, from “Miss Independent” to “Heartbeat Song,” and even that Dr. Luke song she never wanted to make, because Kelly will do anything to make America happy. So, of course, she ended her career-spanning medley with the song that first won our hearts. We can’t believe all these feelings are happening to us — oh wait, yeah, yes we can. Go on, have a cry. And when you’re done, cry some more because here’s Kelly’s daughter River waving good-bye to the show that made her mommy famous. (Sniffle.)

Watch Kelly Clarkson’s Idol Finale Performance