Watch Maya Rudolph School Greta Gerwig in an Exclusive Clip From Maggie’s Plan

What do two academics gossip about over lunch? Well, if they’re played by Maya Rudolph and Greta Gerwig — as they are in Rebecca Miller’s new film Maggie’s Plan, out May 20 — then they dish about what a “panty-melter” Ethan Hawke is, as you or I might. But hearing Rudolph casually ID Hawke’s character as “one of the bad boys of ficto-critical anthropology” is one of the primary pleasures of this exclusive clip from the film: Even a lunch conversation about hotties is oh-so-casually elevated when you have two wordsmiths like Rudolph and Gerwig in the fray. Not that any of Rudolph’s warnings about Hawke will inspire Gerwig not to go there … sometimes, you have to pursue the panty-melter, despite what your brain and BFF are both telling you. Watch and learn.

Watch Maya Rudolph School Greta Gerwig