Mitski’s ‘Your Best American Girl’ Video Delivers the Mic Drop on White Indie America

We can rant and thinkpiece until we’re blue in the face about the overwhelming whiteness of indie rock (even now, in the genre’s twilight years), but there’s nothing like a half-Japanese woman armed with a guitar and self-love to dismantle the stereotype. Enter Mitski, whose genius “Your Best American Girl” now has a genius video that pits her directly against White Indie America, represented here by an all-American white boy and his all-American white girlfriend. Just look at them sucking on their lollipops (and each other) while draped in an American flag, because you can never be too literal. Try as they will to be the star of this video, the real star now and forever is Mitski, who is finally done seeking white male approval. She’s only here to satisfy herself — no regrets this time.

Watch Mitski’s ‘Your Best American Girl’ Video