Watch Nicole Kidman Debate Going Topless in The Family Fang

In the new movie The Family Fang, Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman (who also directed) play adult siblings who are still reeling from their mixed-up childhood under the tutelage of performance-artist father Christopher Walken. Kidman’s character, especially, has found her unconventional upbringing hard to shake: Though she grew up to become a famous actress, she has a wild-child reputation that continues to dog her, as you’ll see in this exclusive clip where film director Josh Pais assumes that just because Kidman’s unmoored character is so scandal-tinged, she’d be willing to go topless for a scene in his movie. As she defiantly sulks in her trailer, Kidman’s character isn’t sure what to do … but ultimately, she decides to go big or go home, strutting to set in her birthday suit. You can see more of what Kidman has to offer in the movie itself, which opens in New York today, then in theaters nationwide (and on demand) May 6.

Watch Nicole Kidman Debate Going Topless